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State Institution “Institute of Problems of Artificial Intelligence” – is a government-financed research Institute of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

At the present time the State Institution “Institute of Problems of Artificial Intelligence” sets the task to ensure solution of artificial intelligence problems, and to improve the level and quality of research developments in this field.

The Institute maintains relations with the representatives of leading international institutions of higher education. Such development and strengthening of constructive relations, especially with Russian colleagues, not only improve the Institute’s research work quality, but also give new prospects of cooperation and scientific collaboration to the young specialists of the Republic.


The State Institution “Institute of Problems of Artificial Intelligence”

- provides the theoretical and practical realization of the most urgent problems of artificial intelligence: researches and developments in the field of computer and information technologies: speech and visual pattern recognition systems, computational linguistics, intelligent security and tracking systems; development and introduction of expert systems, intelligent interfaces, electronic means of human learning, cognition and interaction with the environment; preparation and introduction of innovative programs and equipment for intelligent medical diagnostics;

- carries out inventive, rationalization as well as patent and license activities and ensures the legal protection of objects and rights of intellectual property;

- conducts scientific information and publishing activities as well as distributes the printed matters – manuals, collections, journals, newsletters, monographs;

- is the founder of the international peer-reviewed theoretical journal “Problems of Artificial Intelligence” devoted to technological, physico-mathematical and psychological sciences;

- organizes and carries out scientific conferences, seminars, thematic exhibitions.


- development of theoretical grounds of artificial intelligence, as well as improvement of strategies and measures of public policy implementation in this area;

- scientific and research activities in the field of problems of artificial intelligence.